December 4, 2011

Snug Harbor

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Snug Harbor always makes me feel secure, there is something so soothing just looking at little skiffs tied up securely even as the tides change as denoted by the drifting seaweed caught on the ropes as the harbor settled into low tide.


November 18, 2011


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These wonderful star lillies grow along the hiking paths in Idaho and Oregon state parks.   Seeming to just pop up from nowhere they make me think of tinker bell dancing in the forest.  Just one of the wonders the great Northwest has to offer.

November 14, 2011

Divine Ridge

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Divine Ridge was my attempt to capture the character of the outdoor life of Idaho and Eastern Oregon. The mountains are an integral part of the scenery throughout Idaho, there are so many state parks set aside for campers and hikers you could spend a year camping and probably not hit them all. The rivers and streams draw fishermen, rafters, kayakers and boaters almost year round. Idaho is the ultimate destination for those who cherish the outdoor life and the wonder of the wilderness.

November 9, 2011

Love from John

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For this painting I used a photo my father sent home to my mother during the Second World War signed simply “Love John”

My father born in PA was taken back as a baby to a little town in Eastern Europe where he stayed with his grandmother for four years. He returned to the United States at the age of four just before the outbreak of the First World War. He grew up in the Hard Coal, Steel Mill region of Eastern Pennsylvania and left to join the Army when he was quite young, barely 17.

He was assigned as a radio operator Of course in those days radio operators mostly used morse code which they would send out over the radio by tapping out the dots and dashes on a key pad. He even flew with Wiley Post and one of his most interesting pre war excursion was on the Good Will Tour of South America that took place in the late thirties before Germany’s declaration of war.

He became a Top Sergeant, I don’t think they even have that designation anymore. I remembered that his favorite admonition for the troops was “Save your fighting for the battlefield and your personal problems for the Chaplain, all I want to hear from you is Yes Sir.

When the War broke out he went to OCS at the tender age of 36 and spent almost four years as a communications officer in the CBI Theatre, where he taught for a while in Calcutta, and he was assigned to various airfields in China establishing radio communication networks in places such as Kunming and Chegtu to aid our pilots flying the Hump and also the fighter pilots attacking the Japanese and providing communications support for the fields set aside to recover the Bombers that were involved in air raids on Japan.

From his letters home it seemed he mostly wanted the war to be over so he could come home and retire from the Army Air Corps.

November 6, 2011


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Wonderful foot stomping musicians at the Fryeburg Fair in Maine. They entertained for hours and seemed as fresh at the end of their day as at the beginning. A wonderful county fair by the way, had a great lobster dinner for $10.

November 5, 2011

Cactus Rose

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I am always amazed at the variety in cactus flowers, not just in color but shape and texture. The plain old prickly pear cactus seems the most durable of all, and the abundance of its flowers makes it a delicious addition to the desert and often a life saver for desert travelers.

November 2, 2011

China Doll

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This young lady was a true delight. She was our guide on our tour of a Tea plantation in China. The estate had been in the hands of the same family for over 500 years.  She introduced us to the techniques of collecting tea leaves and then introduced us to the proper brewing and serving of tea in China. I fell in love with their green tea, unfortunately their brand is not readily available in the United States. While there I was approached by several young children who were anxious to try out their English on me. They even asked me to read to them in English, I wonder if I infused too much Baltimore/DC dialect into their English pronunciation?

November 1, 2011

Poppies at Play

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Poppies have always been one of my favorites. This playful representation won an award at a Scottsdale Artists’ School competition. It isn’t easy to capture the delicacy of poppies and I didn’t want to do just another Georgia O’Keiffe style rendition, mainly because anything of mine would pale by comparison. The original idea came to me from a pencil sketch I did of a beautiful red poppy growing in a CT garden

October 31, 2011

Desert Wash

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Although I generally work in watercolors I started with oils and acrylics. This oil I did plein aire near Phoenix. The big difference between oil and watercolor is with oils you lay in a dark foundation then build up your lights, in watercolor you work to save your whites and build your darks. Most of the workshops I have attended for oils always note at some point that a watercolorists is among them. Just too anxious to lay in the highlights.

October 29, 2011

Saturday Afternoon on the Boise River

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This painting is so typical of  a lazy Saturday in Boise, whether biking or strolling on the city’s famous River Walk or fishing or rafting on the river, Boise favors the outdoor life

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