January 9, 2012

Li River Cruise

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This painting of a cruise on the Li River in China was taken from a photo taken on my tour of China in the late 90’s. This cruise was my favorite part of the tour. I did enjoy the Great Wall and the Summer Palace and Shanghai and Beijing were exciting and I did love the story of the buried clay soldiers in Xian but to me the trip down the Li River was the highlight.


October 31, 2011

Desert Wash

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Although I generally work in watercolors I started with oils and acrylics. This oil I did plein aire near Phoenix. The big difference between oil and watercolor is with oils you lay in a dark foundation then build up your lights, in watercolor you work to save your whites and build your darks. Most of the workshops I have attended for oils always note at some point that a watercolorists is among them. Just too anxious to lay in the highlights.

October 28, 2011


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I love collecting shells, have them from all over the world, this one was one I bought at a shell store since I have never found one just walking on a beach.

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