January 9, 2012

Li River Cruise

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This painting of a cruise on the Li River in China was taken from a photo taken on my tour of China in the late 90’s. This cruise was my favorite part of the tour. I did enjoy the Great Wall and the Summer Palace and Shanghai and Beijing were exciting and I did love the story of the buried clay soldiers in Xian but to me the trip down the Li River was the highlight.


November 2, 2011

China Doll

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This young lady was a true delight. She was our guide on our tour of a Tea plantation in China. The estate had been in the hands of the same family for over 500 years.  She introduced us to the techniques of collecting tea leaves and then introduced us to the proper brewing and serving of tea in China. I fell in love with their green tea, unfortunately their brand is not readily available in the United States. While there I was approached by several young children who were anxious to try out their English on me. They even asked me to read to them in English, I wonder if I infused too much Baltimore/DC dialect into their English pronunciation?

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