July 10, 2012

Boise Blue

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  This painting was inspired by the river walk that follows the Boise River.   The walk runs for miles and includes numerous parks with places to rest and or picnic and a beautiful monument to Boise‘s firefighters.    There are hiking/biking trails,  access to the zoo and the Boise Art museum.  There are office buildings and apartments that allow immediate entry to the river walk.  You can just sit and relax on the numerous benches,  picnic, or raft on the river,  there are even a couple of beaches along the trail.  For those who love the outdoors you can’t beat the Boise River Walk for pure easy-going pleasure.


November 18, 2011


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These wonderful star lillies grow along the hiking paths in Idaho and Oregon state parks.   Seeming to just pop up from nowhere they make me think of tinker bell dancing in the forest.  Just one of the wonders the great Northwest has to offer.

November 14, 2011

Divine Ridge

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Divine Ridge was my attempt to capture the character of the outdoor life of Idaho and Eastern Oregon. The mountains are an integral part of the scenery throughout Idaho, there are so many state parks set aside for campers and hikers you could spend a year camping and probably not hit them all. The rivers and streams draw fishermen, rafters, kayakers and boaters almost year round. Idaho is the ultimate destination for those who cherish the outdoor life and the wonder of the wilderness.

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